About Us

We believe that children are inherently good.

At Midtown Montessori, located in the beautiful Evergreen Historic District of Midtown Memphis, we honor the fact that children require that we take seriously our task of creating and maintaining an environment where this good can manifest. AMI trained teachers at Midtown Montessori aid in the development of children in a way that is the product of the child's own intellectual, emotional and spiritual work.

Our greatest goal is that the children of our community go into the world knowing that we are all responsible for one another's welfare, for the stewardship of all that surrounds us and the we are each tasked with the important work of creating a world that is more peaceful than we found it.

We are currently accepting students in our Primary program (ages 3-6)  and our Elementary program (ages 6-12). Classes start in August.


Our Community's Mission

  • The Prepared Environment, Academic Excellence and Emotional Development: Through a carefully prepared environment, a multi-age classroom and a Montessori curriculum, we support children as they build both the intellectual and emotional skills needed to make meaningful contributions to society.
  • A Connected & Compassionate Community: Children experience well being, dignity and interconnectedness at Midtown Montessori. They are the center of a community that is connected, compassionate and collaborative in the support and development of one another's interest and development.
  • Freedom, Responsibility & Peace Education: A more peaceful world tomorrow rests upon the efforts we put forth today. At Midtown Montessori, we support children's natural inclinations toward kindness, friendship and justice. We offer the children opportunities to resolve conflicts peacefully with their peers, they grow in understanding as they observe the positive outcomes of the collaborative work of children and adults in their community. 


Contact the school to learn how you can become a part of our community in 2015-2016.



Dr. Maria Montessori was an Italian physician, educator, and innovator who is best known for developing the philosophy of education known as the Montessori Method. Montessori's method of education was developed to meet the needs of children at different stages of development. To allow children to meet their full potential, we are guided by the child. Both mentally and physically, the children are different at each stage, and the curriculum is developed to meet these differences.

In each program, children are allowed to work at their own pace, allowing them a chance to develop as an individual. Classes are made up of a mixed age group of at least three years, Primary (3-6 years) and Elementary (6-12 years). Older students teach younger students directly and through modeling. Socially, this group becomes a community as they spend many years together. In contrast to traditional classrooms, children are free to choose their activities and follow their own inner needs. 

An important element of the Montessori environment is the idea of grace and courtesy. Children are treated with respect from the earliest age. Learning how to live and work in a caring community is a skill they will carry throughout their lives. The daily schedule allows for a three-hour work period in which the time is open for the children to choose their work. The children become engaged and continue working throughout the work period. This time allows each child to develop their concentration and focus using classroom materials which are carefully designed to appeal to the age of the child.


The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.  
                                                                               -Maria Montessori