Celebrating Birthdays in the Montessori Classroom

The word celebrate has a Latin root that means “to honor,” and our celebration is true to that root.

The celebration of birthdays in Montessori environments differ from school to school; however, there are some elements in common. Usually, a candle that represents the sun will be placed in the middle of a circular mat. Labels with months of the year radiate outward from the sun.

The child then holds a globe and walks around for each year of their birth. In our community, each of the children stand behind the month when they were born.  As the birthday child walks around the sun, we discuss milestones and special moments they or their parents may recall. We usually have a photograph from each year, as well, and the child will tell us a little bit about the photo.


MMS--birthday blog 3.jpg

These celebrations help us solidify important lessons of how time is kept, and also help us understand that each life is a history in and of itself.

MMS--birthdayblog 3.jpg

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