Movement and Freedom

There is so much movement in a Primary Environment.  The freedom to choose when, how, and where to move ones own body is a right for all of us, even the very youngest.  The environment and materials in a Primary Classroom call to the young child and encourage movement. The child has the freedom to move about the room as they wish. The child may go to the restroom when they feel the need with out asking permission. The child may satisfy their hunger and thirst by pouring themselves a glass of water from the child size pitcher or sitting down to have snack with friends as they notice that they are hungry and that a chair at the snack table is available.

     This freedom is always present but the natural consequences to movement that is not refined is also always present.  The glass cups and plates ask the child to carry them carefully without the adult having to. The porcelain pouring vessels slip precariously on the small tray, so the child holds the tray a little more level than before.  The bucket that is filled too full of water this time spills so that they may not fill it so full the next time. Or maybe they will.  

     There is also a friendliness toward error that must accompany the freedom. Glasses will break and water will spill. The environment is the reminder that beautiful things must be handled with care.  We give the children the most beautiful things and then trust that they will take care of them. This is something that even the youngest child can learn to do if given the opportunity