Room in the Inn


Our greatest goal is that the children of our community go into the world knowing that we are all responsible for one another's welfare, for the stewardship of all that surrounds us and with the wisdom that we are each tasked with the important work of creating a world that is more peaceful than we found it.


One way we guide the children to understand their responsibility for their community is by volunteering with Room in the Inn--an organization that provides shelter and meals for people experiencing homelessness. 


The children prepared table decorations, served the meal, offered refills, sat and talked with guests, and cleaned up after the meal. They practiced grace and courtesy as they offered food and drinks to guests, waited their turn to serve, carefully carried trays of food, and waited patiently to ensure all the guests had been served before they ate their meal.


Volunteering with Room in the Inn also fosters empathy in the children and gives them an opportunity to experience the joy of helping others--even people they don't see every day. The children were eager to serve in any way they could, and the next day several of them asked where the guests were, if they had a place to sleep, and if someone else would be serving them dinner. It's beautiful to watch their joyful, compassionate spirits develop not only within the school but also within the broader community.


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