About Us

We believe that children are inherently good.

Located in the Evergreen Historic District of Midtown Memphis, Midtown Montessori School offers children an environment rich with opportunities to explore their community. Our lead teachers, holding internationally recognized accreditation through the Association Montessori International (AMI), and additional staff members support the vision of creating an environment that aids children's development in a way that is the product of the child's own intellectual, emotional and spiritual work.

Our greatest goal is that the children of our community go into the world knowing that we are all responsible for one another's welfare, for the stewardship of all that surrounds us and with a wisdom regarding how we are each tasked with the work of creating a world that will be more peaceful than we found it.

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  • The Prepared Environment, Academic Excellence and Emotional Development: Through a carefully prepared environment, a multi-age classroom and a Montessori curriculum, we support children as they build intellectual and emotional skills needed to make meaningful contributions to society.

  • A Connected & Compassionate Community: Children experience well being, dignity and interconnectedness at Midtown Montessori. They are the center of a community that is connected, compassionate and collaborative in the support and development of one another's interest and development.

  • Freedom, Responsibility & Peace Education: A more peaceful world tomorrow rests upon the efforts we put forth today. At Midtown Montessori, we support children's natural inclinations toward kindness, friendship and justice. We offer the children opportunities to resolve conflicts peacefully with their peers. Through these opportunities, they observe the positive outcomes of the collaborative work of children and adults in their community.