Midtown Montessori offers programs for children ages three to twelve that promote creativity, independence, and effective learning. Children at our school work with unique, developmentally appropriate materials under the guidance of internationally accredited guides. This results in children taking the lead in the refinement of important life skills and challenging themselves in positive ways. 


Primary (Ages 3-6)

The youngest children at Midtown Montessori explore their environment through the use of their sense. Touch, taste, weight, balance... all of these explorations serve as a foundation for explorations of language, math, geography and art. Our meticulously prepared environment is constructed with the goal of assisting children in the development of language and the refinement of their senses. Montessori is more than an education; it is an "aid to life." In our primary environment, children are engaged in meaningful practical life work which might include preparing a snack or caring for a plant.

Our multi-age classroom encourages the development of important social skills, too. These interpersonal skills form the cornerstone of what Dr. Montessori called "peace education." Through the connections they make with each other in the primary environment, children learn to be both leaders and collaborators. 

For information on how to apply for admission, visit "Admissions" or click "Tours" to request a tour.


Elementary (ages 6-12)

As children get older, their developmental needs change. At Midtown Montessori, we base our education of elementary children on the principle that elementary aged children are expansive thinkers who enjoy working in groups, solving problems and asking big questions. Important academic skills are emphasized, but they are the natural outcome of developing children's curiosity and love of learning. Dr. Montessori coined the term "Cosmic Education" to describe the nature of our curriculum that seeks to integrate major subject areas within one another as opposed to segregating them. 

Children in our environment are organizers of school events. They are mentors to their younger peers. They also spend time actively discovering the challenges and benefits of teamwork and community building. We connect them to the broader community by frequently exploring the community of Memphis through library trips, walks to the park, and visits to area museums. 

For information on how to apply for admission, visit "Admissions" or click "Tours" to request a tour.

Extended Day (Available to children enrolled in our primary & Elementary)

Midtown Montessori School is committed to helping families with different schedules provide enriching experiences for their children even after the school day is over. Our Extended Day program helps children wind down from the school day, but still offers engaging activities that encourage exploration and creativity.